Oil Energy is a unique company, designed by and for conscientious people

Continuous development

Our Team Members

Are eager to change themselves and everything around them for the better
Independent and ready to take the initiative
Always work proactively, staying one step ahead
Embody respect and team spirit in everything they do

We believe the best of people:

We give everyone freedom to act, space to solve interesting challenges and the support they need to succeed.

Personal and professional growth is driven by the employees themselves - we just create the opportunities for it.

We create a work environment where every employee can be their full selves and unlock all of their potential:
The company works through self-governance
this turns every employee into a direct participant and “owner” of every process within the company
Our corporate culture
is grounded in openness, transparency, trust and mutual respect
Our teams are independent
they choose their membership, define their work priorities and create systems of motivation on their own

We have a transparent system for making our employees’ ideas a reality
Every team member’s work is assessed by their colleagues
We foster professional growth
professional mentors and coaches are present every step of the way

Education and Adaptation

A unique feature of training in the company is the responsibility of each employee for his personal and professional growth. Teams independently approve training programs and decide who will participate in what training. In addition, the company has full-fledged modular programs and advice on professional areas for each other. Personal development trainings are also an important element of corporate training.
Сountinuous Development

Our core asset is our employees, whose professionalism and personal qualities guarantee the Company’s stable growth.

You can find out more about our company’s development opportunities at hh.ru or via the tags below. If you have any questions, please get in touch with HR Team at team@onrg.ru
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